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The Power of Your Testimony

Did God do something AMAZING and transformative in your life recently?  We want to HEAR about it!  That's why we've created a way for you to "share ur story!"  So many people are being changed by the power of God and this is one way that we can celebrate with you and give GOD the glory!

Testimonies - when we share with others what has happened to us - are a vital part of the Kingdom of God because they have the power within them to replicate!  God did it IN you but he also wants to do it in others THROUGH you as you share the miraculous things He has done in you with them.  The literal KEY to someone else's healing, deliverance, salvation, and transformation may just be YOUR TESTIMONY, because if they hear what God did IN you and FOR you....they just might receive the FAITH that it takes to receive THEIRS!  So don't be shy! Shout it from the rooftops and spread the good news!  Tell your story!

Share UR Story

Let others be encouraged by your testimony

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