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About Us

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Grasp your Identity

Activate your destiny

People United in Purpose

Our Focus

During this time in life, the most crucial decisions are made:  

  • Where will I live?

  • Who will I marry?

  • What will I do for a career?

  • Will I follow Jesus or do my own thing?

  • How do I translate what I believe into a lifestyle?

These decisions affect the rest of your existence for time and eternity.  At Oasis Young Adults, we want to help you discover meaningful answers to these questions, and help you navigate this complex part of life when you are making so many important decisions.  ​

We believer so strongly in CONNECTING, and HAVING FUN together.  Here you belong before you believe - it's ok if you are still finding your way - you are welcome at Oasis Youth, and we guarantee you will find other Young Adults to enjoy life with who are navigating all the same things and finding answers!  


Experience God

Connect as Family

Build Revivalists

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